Sridevi chart Jodi

Sridevi Chart Jodi: Satta matka gambling is one of the popular games in the gambling world that is now way more popular over online. Sridevi matka is the widely played satta matka game in India. People who play Sridevi matka every day and every week are always in need of proper and accurate results in order to know if they win the game or not. Also, people who are new to the game also look for Sridevi chart Jodi that can help them to study the winning numbers of the game.

Sridevi Jodi chart is nothing but a chart that consists of previous winning Jodi numbers of a game. A Jodi chart is simply, a chart in which all types of satta matka Jodi results are stored in a day-wise pattern. is the online platform where you can get the Jodi chart that is updated on a daily basis. Dpboss Sridevi chart Jodi is a very useful tool for all satta games lovers as it helps people study the previous results of Jodi numbers and then make a calculative decision before they put their next bet.

Sridevi chart Jodi

Sridevi chart Jodi is very much demanding among the satta matka players as Sridevi matka is super easy to play. This game is as much popular as the game can be played every day in a week and the result is announced in an hour from starting time. Even though the popularity of online matka is high, and many people start making online platforms for the players, still there are lots of websites lacking to show the fasted satta matka result.

In the, we follow the heart of satta gamers, and that’s the main reason our website provides no.1 results of satta matka games. Not only the Sridevi chart Jodi, but you can also have Jodi charts of popular satta matka games which are – Sridevi Night Jodi Chart, Kalyan Morning Jodi chart, main Mumbai Jodi chart, and many more.

Sridevi Chart Jodi
Sridevi Chart Jodi

History of Satta Matka

The game satta matka was introduced by satta king Ratan Khatri in the year of 1950s. The game was played on the exchange rates of cotton that were transmitted to NY. After that, the game was played on new rules where numbers were hidden into an earthen pot called Matka. The new type of satta matka was introduced by Kalyan Ji Bhagat and the game was named after him as Kalyan satta matka.

Terms used in Sridevi Chart Jodi

Single Panna: Single Panna is a bet placed on opening and closing Panna where no values are repeated. 

Double Panna: Double Panna is a bet placed on opening and closing Panna where two numbers must be repeated.

Triple Panna: Triple Panna is a bet placed on opening and closing Panna where all three numbers must be similar to each other.

Half Sangam: Half Sangam is a game that is played on a single three-digit number and also on a single zero-digit number.

Sangam/Full Sangam: Full Sangam or Sangam is the game of satta matka that is played on a triple-digit number, double-digit number, and again another triple-digit.

dpboss matka
dpboss matka

What is Sridevi chart Jodi Bet?

In Sridevi Chart Jodi, Jodi bet means the combination of the sum of results from open and closing Panna. As an example, if 1,2,3 is the number from open Panna, then the sum of them is 1+2+3 = 6. Also, 1,3,4 is the closing Panna then the sum of them is 1+3+4 = 8. So the Jodi bet will be 68.

 The payout amount of the Sridevi chart Jodi is quite good and that is the main reason the game is popular among the low-income groups of people. It means if you bet with rs 100 your payout will be 100 x 90 = 9000 or 100 x 95 = 9500.

Why Choose dpboss for Sridevi Chart Jodi?

The game satta matka is popular yet risky. Our Sridevi chart Jodi will definitely help any gamers to study the previous winning Jodi numbers. Even though our website provides accurate and expert analyzed data, it is always recommended to learn about the rules before you invest your money. is the only platform where your data will remain safe and secure. Plus not only the Sridevi chart Jodi, but you can also get updated and weekly results of popular satta matka games according to market, Starline and disawar. Some of the reasons for which you will consider visiting our website are –

Easy to Use Platform

We care about the people who love playing satta matka so we develop our website with easy to navigate layout. The options we put on our website are easy to use on any device and the fonts we use are easier to read.

Different Jodi Chart

Our website is packed with different market Jodi charts like Kurla Jodi chart, Kalyan Jodi Chart, Sridevi chart Jodi, Sridevi night Jodi chart, Madhuri Jodi Chart, and many more. All the charts are updated daily and accurately as we use the latest technologies on our website.

matka app development
matka app development

Live Results

Our website is the no.1 secure result website that provides fasted satta matka results every day. All the user data is secure on our website and we provide live results of popular satta matka market games like – Kalyan matka, Sridevi matka, time bazaar, Milan day, and so on.

Expert Guessing Forum

Our website has a dedicated guessing forum where you can guess numbers on open, close, and fix matka games. Also, our result and Sridevi chart Jodi are developed with the help of industry-best experts that will surely help you to understand the playing tricks.

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Disclaimer: Satta Matka game is illegal to play in India and we are the online platform that provides Sridevi Jodi Chart for online users across the globe. So you will be the sole responsible for any kind of inconvenience. Also, all the results published on our website are based on the result of the previous game and astrological beliefs, so we are not responsible for any loss you face during playing satta matka.


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