Matka App Development – Jaipur

Matka App Development – Jaipur: The game Satta Matka was a full-fledged lottery game that started just after India’s Independence. Presently the game has stepped into the online world and people are now familiar with the online matka game more than before. Being a satta matka android app developer, team Goweb has their expertise in building a well-working satta matka game app and website with customized solutions for the people who want to make a business from it.

With technological advancement, the demand chain of online matka apps also becomes high as people want to invest their money and time to earn some extra cash. As a developer, we fulfill the need for a perfect app that is user-friendly and easy to install and use. Our experience relies on the work we served in the satta matka market, where we provide a lot of successful websites and apps to our customers.

Matka App Development – Jaipur

Matka game software development service

Types of games we build as a Satta Matka App Developer

We have developed 3 types of satta matka apps considering everyone’s purpose in satta matka game development. Our gomatka is the beginning-level app where a user can have different types of markets like Kalyan, Milan, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, etc. Plus we will provide both web and android apps with a dedicated admin panel so that you can host and manage games online.

Our gomatkapro is built for the medium-ranged spenders who will get additional features like different market and Starline mode games with a dedicated admin panel to manage and host games. Among our Satta Matka Game Development services (or Matka App Development – Jaipur), our latest and most demanding product is gomatkaproplus where you will get multiple markets, multiple Starline, disawar types of satta games.

Plus in our gomatkaproplus, you will get a dedicated admin panel and both web app and mobile app to handle from. Rest you can also have a vendor and agent panel in our app by which you will add vendors and agents who will also be able to host games.

Satta Matka App Developer

Being a satta app developer we are also experienced enough to build a satta matka result website like dpboss at an affordable cost. Our developed website is built with the latest technologies where you can even add features like auto-update for all satta matka results. You can check our demo product page for more information.

As a satta matka Game development service provider we will assure you that our developed app is totally secure and the layout we use for the app is totally user-friendly. Also, the app is faster in reloading on any device. If you hire our team as a Satta Matka App Developer today then you will get a 20% discount on the overall cost.

How to make Satta Matka App


Single Panna – In a Single Panna player submits a single digit and the winner announced is also based on a single digit.

Double Panna – In double Panna players can choose double-digit numbers and the winning number is also a double-digit.

Triple Panna – In this player need to choose triple digits and the winner announced is also a triple-digit.

Some Features of the best online matka app

Even though we provide satta matka game development services full of the latest features that will truly attract any matka gamers who will come to play at your website. Below are some of the features you will get in your app –

Open shiftOpen Shift is the time when a user can choose which number they want to bet and how much they want to bet. On our satta matka game development services, your data is fully secured and there are no chances that your data can be leaked.

Close shift: In the close shift the betting will be closed and the winner will be announced with the reward he or she won.

Jodi: Players can bet on a combination of numbers of open shift and close shift, and when those numbers combine it is known as Jodi and people can bet on that number.

Why Choose Us?

Goweb is a well-known name in the field of satta matka game development. We provide apps that are easy to maintain and handle. Also, our app is fully secured and we provide responsive maintenance service for the apps on a 24×7 basis. Some of the reasons for which you will hire us are –

Expert programmers

Our developers are experienced enough and aware of the different gaming algorithms. They are trained to develop any kind of matka gambling software (Matka App Development – Jaipur) that is compatible with any device.

Innovative design:

In our Matka app development, we develop apps that are attractive and fully customized yet simple. The interface is interactive and user-friendly so that anyone can be able to place a bet with just a few taps.

Up to date with technology and trends

Our app is always up to date with the latest algorithm trends and the software is developed with the latest technology on the market.

Customized Solutions

Our app is customizable. Like in gomatka you will get the market, in gomatkapro, you will be able to get market with Starline, and in the proplus version, you will be able to play the market, Starline, and disawar. Also, you will get a dedicated admin panel to change within it anytime.

Support 24×7:

We have a dedicated team that can provide technical support to your problems at any time of the day.


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