Best colour prediction game in India

Best colour prediction game development in India in this post I am helping you decide to double your money by choosing the right colour prediction application. But we take the example of our own website,

Many colour prediction game websites are available nowadays, but some are scamming us. so, here I suggest a good and genuine colour prediction application where you can really make money.

Fun and Win are two pillars of the play and earn money concept. That’s why we judge the application on the basis of this point.

Let’s check out the best colour prediction game in India.

Note:- You are requested not to deposit any amount in this. Because we are promoting our application to clients and we guide you on how you make money from it, this is a demo site because we are developers and we love to create new applications and games.

The best colour prediction game in India – Gocolor

best colour prediction application where you earn money online using less investment

All colour prediction works on the same pattern, colour prediction games are basically betting games where you can earn money 2x or 3x of the invested amount by choosing the right colour or lose the invested money by choosing the wrong colour.

Gocolour – A new Demo colour prediction game.

The best colour prediction game application where you earn money online using less investment (Engaging and high amount return ), you can earn 400 to 1k in a day with a minimum of 100 to 500 invested amount, higher investment gives you a higher return whatever you deposit your investment will get double.

Go colour is a Color trading game in which you can predict which colour will be shown next in the sequence of colours. There are two colours only in which you need to select one and the results get declared in 2.5 minutes.

If your selected colour comes next then you will get double cash. That’s simple. You can make a good amount of cash from this game if you play in the right manner.

How to play the Colour prediction game?

Here, the game offers three colours Red, Green and violet. The violet colour is always associated with either red or green colour.

So, there are mainly two colours – red and green. During your betting, you can choose only one colour for your bet. which makes them entertaining to use.

And you have to guess what colour will result from the combination of these colours. If you are able to guess the colour correctly then you will be considered the winner.

Suppose you choose the red colour and put Rs 10 in it. You will get two and a half minutes to choose the colour you want. After 3 minutes the result will be declared. If the same colour comes in the result your money will be almost doubled.

So, you will win 20 Rs, 5% transaction charge will be applicable each time. And finally, the money will be added to your wallet.

You can withdraw money by going to your profile and adding an appropriate bank and withdrawing the minimum amount.

My opinion on Go Color – play and earn

Go colour is a colour prediction game where you can play and earn similar to all colour prediction games but you face a problem with add-on money.

when you try to recharge, you will click on the recharge section you will get a UPI id which is very insecure but gocolour offer you two method to recharge your wallet [UPI Or Bank transfer] both are verified address. I have collected this screenshot of gocolor deposit section for you to check the difference.


In case you have any problem mail the support team they will help as soon as possible.

Gocolor also gives a separate history section where you can check the previous period, price, number and result according to the calendar.


How to earn money with colour prediction games without investment?

With the help of gocolor, you can make money through new colour prediction games without investment.


Gocolor offers a refer-and-earn programme where you can earn money without investment.

Final Word onThe best colour prediction game.
The reason for the rise in popularity of colour prediction games is that they provide the players with an opportunity to not only have fun but also to make some extra cash.

These games give players the opportunity to guess what colours will be fashionable in the next to come. Players have a chance to win big if they are able to predict exactly which colours will be in the most demand.

If you are looking for a way to have a good time as well as earn some more cash, then you should give some thought to participating in the game of color prediction.

In this post, we share a cool gocolour colour prediction game for demo purposes because we are developers so if you are interested in running a color prediction game please contact us at

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